Hands down - the Moto Pro Digital Display is the most advanced digital motorcycle dashboard gauge on the market. It allows you to measure anything imaginable, deliver all sorts of data at a moments notice and is designed with all of the accessory pieces and parts for you to install this very high tech, clean and beautiful system on your machine. This is not bolt on crap, like an LED lighting kit with scotch block connectors.

Before purchasing the Moto Pro Digital Display Kit, please download the instruction manual to get familiar with the unit's near miraculous capabilities and install procedure to ensure correct wiring to your motorcycle. For functions other than speedometer and tachometer, you will need either Breakout Box "J1850", "A" or "B". 



Installing this system is not rocket science, but it does require you know your way around your machine's electrical systems. 

KRAUS makes an absolutely stunning and perfect fitting dashboard housing from billet aluminum to house this marvel of technology, allowing it to look right at home on your machine.

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