Hardcore Cycles Inc wasn’t just born overnight. It was nurtured and built by a group of tight knit gear heads with a passion for V-Twin. When two people decided to take the chance on an industry with a questionable future.
With that being said, the group of people it would attract would create a rider's heaven. From the king pin of FXR’s to the dyna’s and even the new age baggers.
With the hope of a single spot to get all your performance parts at ease from people who care about the build.
It’s a passion that we over here at Hardcore Cycles understand!

Today HARDCORE CYCLES distributes performance driven parts, gear, tires and anything else you as the customers may need. We take pride in being the best place to go to allow the customers ride to meet the epoch of style and function!


Email: info@hardcorecyclesinc.com

The master mind behind it all.
John is owner with his wife Amy. In a world surrounded by performance motorcycles it only made sense to have it all at his finger tips! From slinging parts at local swap meets to deciding what’s better than a one stop shop. John strives to provide the newest and best products available for your bike. Not only does he own the business but he’s the man behind all the creative content and social media posts, giveaways, and constant discounts!
At Hardcore Cycles he works hard to provide the most fair priced, quick turn around to

The much prettier master mind who handles everything behind closed doors. The day to day operations and customer relations.
Could you ask for a better partner? Amy decided to make the leap of faith into the motorcycle industry with her husband John and in doing so created Hardcore Cycles Inc. Customer service comes natural and the customers always come first with her.
Outside of her work day she is a bad ass mom to 3 handsome boys.

In the store and behind your shipments! Being married to Hardcore’s mechanic has created a passion for two wheels that’s undeniable. You can find her in the store front Monday through Friday 9-3. A friendly face willing to help you with the build of your dreams whether it be a question about parts or just an honest opinion on performance and look.
She’s here for YOU. Outside of her work day she is also a mom to 2 crazy boys!

Say hey to Anthony!
Our master mechanic over here at Hardcore Cycles. From the moment he could balance two wheels he was on some sort of a bike which then turned to an extreme passion for motorcycles, Harley’s in particular. From a toddler watching his dad work on bikes to finally graduating high school and going off to a motorcycle trade school. A passion that never dulls. Every day since he’s been elbow deep in the cylinders, reworking, and rebuilding! He would be happy to talk about going fast!! Stock sucks!!


Physical Address:

Hardcore Cycles Inc.

800 Main Street

Red Hill PA 18076


Phone (833) 422-9253 Toll Free 



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