Q: How did the build start?

A: The bike is actually a 2013 FLD Switchback. Yes I know I know haha but  I wanted a bike that was all purpose. Something I could tour on but also rip around town with and at the time, the Switchback was the best platform for that. I bought the bike brand new and the plan was to do nothing to it but a pipe, air cleaner and tune but that quickly went awry hahahaha.

Q: What did you gain inspiration from?

A: My two favorite models ever were the FXDXT and the FLDP. I pretty much wanted to create a cross between those two bikes in a more modern version I guess. Looks wise I drew upon the FLDP allot. I wanted to build an all purpose assault bike. Something I could ride 2,000 miles in a weekend and be comfortable while at the same time hop side streets in a big city. I wanted the bike to be utilitarian. Like the swiss army knives of Harleys I guess.

Q: What mods did you do out of the gate?

A: I love Dynas! I will never not own a Dyna. The design does have its flaws though, most notably the way the swingarm mounts. That flexing creating a hinged feeling while carving corners had to go. I think that only gets worse once the rubber on the mounts wear and stretches creating that ‘Dyna Death Wobble’ you hear so much about. I upgraded to Big Bear Chopper Motor Mounts both front and rear to go along with Legend Suspensions cartridge kit and Revo-A’s. The difference was just instantaneous. I felt like the bike gripped the road no matter how I took a turn and just having that confidence made rides so much more enjoyable for me. Braking was instantly better as well.

Q: What was next?

A: I knew the floorboards had to go because I felt the bike wasn’t underneath me enough if that makes any sense so I switched to mids and installed the SDC Mini Floorboards which I love. While at the same time I did this I of course had to slap on a pair of T Bars. The risers are from Drag Specialties and the bar and clamp are Thrashin. Also, as a side note, whenever I upgraded anything I upgraded the hardware to 12 point stainless from Feuling while also blacking out everything pretty much. I didn’t want to add power without being sure other points that I considered weak points from the factory were upgraded so I started with the final drive. I went with a Baker compensator, a Hayden M6 chain tensioner, a Barnett scorpion clutch and converted to a chain drive from HCC. This might sound crazy but I went with the baker throwout bearing as well, stock ones suck.

Q: And next was the power?

A: Haha yes. Still way more to go but I started with the camchest, all Feuling. The guys over there know what they are doing. I went with their HP + Camchest kit with a 574 reaper cam. Power band is wild and once I hit about 3,000 RPM the bike is like a slingshot. That combined with the gear setup I went with on the chain makes the bike ideal for entry ramps and passing tractor trailers on long hauls. For a pipe I went with the Thrashin OG exhaust. I love the design and how it tucks int the bike making it really really hard to scrap and the power difference was just so noticeable right off the rip. Finished it off with an Arlen Ness Stage 1 air cleaner and got it dyno’ed and I was off rippin.

Q: Any other mods you want to mention?

A: Honestly, there probably are but there are so many thing I did along the way we’d be here all day talking about this bankruptcy starter kit haha. I did just upgrade the entire brake system with radial calipers and Lyndall brakes and Rotors while converting it over to dual disc. I love the look and the stopping power is just unreal.

Q: Any future plans?

A: I’ve been talking to the fellas over at Revoltion Performance and my engine is probably going to head over there over the winter to get crank work done before they increase the size of the bore and upgrade the heads. Probably going to add a HPI throttle body as well. But you know, a bike is never done done so I guess I’ll just wait and see what the future holds.