FEULING SHORT SUMP PLUG - 0.265 Tall vs. OEM 0.465,






Eliminate blocking the internal engine case scavenge pick up hole with the FEULING bottom case Short Sump Plug. A common issue with both Twin Cam and Milwaukee Eight engines (more common with Milwaukee Eights) is the sump plug can block off the internal scavenge (return) pick up port. By using a shorter plug, we eliminate the possibility of the plug blocking off this cross port.

NOTE: The M-EIGHT main sump cross port on the inside of the M-Eight engine case is in a slightly different location & height in each engine case. This cross port is created when the bottom plug hole is machined and tapped by the factory. The machining breaks through the casting wall, creating the sump port. Whereas the Twin Cam engine cross scavenge pick up hole is a machined bore, and is in the same location in every engine case.

The further the bottom plug installs into the case, the more of the scavenge cross port is blocked off. For optimum oil scavenging & lower sump levels, it is advisable to use FEULINGs new Short Sump Plug which will ensure the cross sump port is wide open and allows the oil pump to pull as much as possible from the sump.

The FEULING Plug is 0.265 Tall vs. OEM 0.465.


Feuling part #  3115

Drag Specialties part # 0950-0990 

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