Klock Werks Sport Windshield Black FXRT




  • Install Easily using stock mounting harware
  • Lexan Polycarbonate with FRM coating is used to create custom-molded designs for unmatched durablity
  • Innovative Design Features "hips" at the outer edge of the shield that re-routes the air to add down force and aid stabitity
  • "Flip" at the top sends clean, less turbulent air to the rider and passenger
  • Designed for low profile look - actually works "Larger" than size stated
  • Orginated at Bonneville Salt Flats Land Speed Racing, perfected for the street
  • Made in the USA

Klock Werks part #KWW-02-0604

Drag part #2310-0714


1983-1993 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide FXRT

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