TP Engineering Pro Series Oil pump FXR/EVO




Conventional oil pumps shut off oil to the crankshaft at idle, and do not start delivery of oil until 1900 RPM. T.P.Pro-Series patented billet oil pump has been engineered to give your engine a constant flow of oil to the crankshaft at any RPM. This patented design will add life to your crank pin, rods, pistons, and cylinders by drastically reducing operating temperature. By using a unique three-valve system a proper amount of oil supplied to the tappets and top end at all times.



  • Constructed of high-quality billet aluminum with a polished finish
  • Unique three-valve system delivers 8-10 lb. of oil pressure to the crankshaft at idle (all other oil pumps have a pressure valve that closes at idle, denying the crankshaft oil flow at idle)
  • Stainless steel check valve eliminates wet sumping upon start-up; positively will not leak oil into the lower end during storage
  • No provisions for primary or rear-chain oiling

U.S. Patent #6,230,680


Note: 2 fitement options 1 for 1984-1991 and 1 option for 1992-1999

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