Thrashin Supply Riser Adapter for Road Glide




  • Thrashin Road Glide Riser Adapter is designed to put Thrashin Risers on the Road Glide
  • Riser adapter has 2 grade 8 bolts dropping down through the triple clamp to the chromoly steel bushing/nut, ensuring the highest strength and quality for maximum control and peace of mind
  • Raises riser mounting location 2-3/8" and sets riser mounting location towards rider 1-5/8"
  • Hardware includes 2 x 7/8" integral chromoly bushing/nut and 1-1/2" long, riser bolts
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Gauge housing will require cutting
  • Fork Lock and Accessory features will not be functionally on stock key switch; You can have your stock key switch mapped by a local dealership to function like the CVO model switch, which lets you use the accessory switch from your hand controls


  • 0602-1149
  •  TSC-2207
  • Riser Adapter Kit

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