Stunt Sprocket 52 to 65 tooth




One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to create more torque is by changing the gearing. The newer Dyna's that come with 6 speed transmissions can greatly benefit from a similar change. Most of our customers have complained 6th gear seems way to high and feel like the bike is lugging on the freeway even at higher speeds. So we experimented a little and here is what we came up with, 60 and 65 tooth sprockets. Of course, any time you increase the sprocket size, you will gain more torque and loose some top end MPH, but speeds of over 100 mph can still be achieved, just a little closer to redline. The benefits around town seem to counteract the slight loss in top MPH. We have seen bikes with just an exhaust system and breather kit able to power wheelie just from a gear change, lets call it "cheap mans horsepower".  For those who don't want as drastic of a gear change, we also offer a 52 and 55 tooth option.

  • CNC cut from steel
  • Can be used with 525 or 530 chains
  • Powdercoated gloss black
  • Available in 52, 55, 60 or 65 tooth
  • Available for early or late size hubs



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