Custom Dynamics Stingerz® Flexible LED Accent Light Kit




  • Kits include two 30-LED strips, two 24-LED strips, one 12-LED strip, two 9-LED strips and a complete installation kit
  • Suggested placement of this kit would be two strips under the tank, one behind the horn, one behind the breather, one under the battery box and two on the frame rails under the bike
  • Installation kit includes on/off switch, 3-amp fuse in a fuse holder, two cage clamp connecters, 3M promoter, tie wraps, heat-shrinkable butt connecters and insulated spade terminals
  • Optional Black Magic III or simple on/off remote control are available to operate the kits wirelessly; both sold separately
  • Each Cage Clamp can connect 1-15 wires together without soldering and/or special tools

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