Sharktooth Road Glide LED Black/Chrome Headlight w/Turn Signals for 2015-Up Models




Sharktooth™ LED Road Glide Headlight with integrated SWITCHBACKS™ turn signals for 2015-Up Road Glide models (LLC-5LRA-TS). A mixture of black & chrome accents, housing is built with plastic, aluminum and a poly-carbonate lens, DOT, SAE and E-Mark compliant and 100% plug-n-play.

  • Black/Chrome LED
  • Black aluminum housing
  • Will fit ’15-Up Road Glide Models
  • SWITCHBACK™ integrated turn signals function as White running lights then switch to (bright) Amber turn signals to off when turn signal switch is activated
  • Turn signals are CAN/Bus compliant and operate along with factory turn signals
  • 100% plug-n-play & easy to install
    • Technical Data
      • Low beam 3911-lumens
      • High beam 7999-lumens
      • Amber turn signal 221-lumens
      • 6000K Color Temp
      • DOT, SAE & E-Mark compliant

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