Mikuni RS Series Radial Flat Slide Carburetor




  • Designed for inline four-cylinder performance to offer higher horsepower gains with the world's top motorcycle road race and drag race teams
  • Offer smooth, controllable throttle response with precise fuel-metering demands with high-volume fuel/air required by race engines
  • Flat throttle valve design provides the strongest signal for precise and instantaneous throttle response
  • Include adjustable accelerator pump and adjustable idle screw
  • Adjustable throttle return spring allows spring return pressure
  • Include enrichment starter system for easier cold starting
  • Jet needle has easy adjustment slots for quick tuning
  • Float bowl vent allows atmospheric pressure into float bowl for fuel flow
  • Accelerator pump spray nozzle shoots fuel directly into the intake tract for immediate engine response
  • Jetting may need to be changed per application, see chart for included jetting
  • Check carb spacing to verify fitments; use spacing chart on how to check spacing
  • Larger-diameter spigot O.D.'s may require different mounting flanges
  • Use geniune Mikuni jets and parts for best results
  • Made in Japan

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