Revolution Performance M8 107" to 124" Big Bore Kit




The NEW Revolution Performance 124” Bolt On Big Bore Kit for Milwaukee 8 107” engine is the most advanced cylinder on the market. Designed from the beginning to be a large displacement cylinder with an all aluminum construction and our proprietary Nickel Silicon Carbide plating process. This plating process offers better heat transfer, extraordinary wear characteristics, low coefficient of friction and exceptional oil retention. Because the cylinder is made entirely of the same material as the piston, both the piston and cylinder expand at the same rate when exposed to heat. This means tighter tolerances, more performance, and better reliability. That’s why Ferrari, Porsche, Toyota, Honda, and all top engine manufactures make cylinders this way.

The Revolution Performance 124” Bolt-On Big Bore Kit makes 25% more power and runs 30-40 degrees cooler than the STOCK Harley-Davidson 107” engine with no other modifications. True bolt on power and reliability.


Applicable Harley Davidson Milwaukee 8 Models

2017-22 107”



Dyno Numbers

Before (Stock): 77 HP / 98 TQ

After (RP 124"): 92 HP / 126 TQ

***Modifications on this dyno run: Revolution Performance Milwaukee 8 124" Bolt-On Big Bore Kit ONLY*** NO Cam, NO tuner, NO exhaust!

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