Feuling OE+ Oil Pump




  • Made of 6061 billet aluminum with high-flow 2" chromoly gerotor gears
  • Oil pumps increase oil pressure and scavenge return volume
  • Feuling® OE+ stock replacement billet oil pumps deliver increased oil pressure and return scavenge volumes over the factory oil pumps
  • Competitively priced OE+ product line is an upgraded alternative to stock components
  • As with all Feuling® products, the OE+ oil pumps are designed and manufactured to the highest standard of quality with proven Feuling® performance
  • PART #0932-0090 features gains of 10% pressure volume and 16% more scavenge volume over stock oil pump
  • PART #0932-0089 features gains of 18% pressure volume and 38% more scavenge volume over stock oil pump
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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