• Close to original as you can get without stealing one from a factory museum bike
  • Boss imperfections in the casting are maliciously duplicated to represent the casting capabilities of the era
  • 100% CNC-machined to achieve quality S&S standards
  • Inside of the cover is an all new design, beefed up around the kicker boss and uses a single kicker shaft bushing for complete oiling and additional strength and stability
  • Cover is clearanced for the use of a large throw-out bearing and the kicker shaft bushing
  • Clutch arm bushings are precision reamed and ready for install
  • Outside is a modern small diameter seal for the kicker shaft that's so stealthy that only you will know it's there
  • The days of a dry outer bearing causing bushing seize are a thing of the past
  • Accepts stock hardware and filler plug
  • Includes a gasket so it's ready to install

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