Fox IQS Shock Kit




Fox?s new Intelligent Quick Switch allows you to select damping profiles with a handlebar mounted switch. No more counting clicks with the electronic modal damping control, SCU (Suspension Control Unit).
  • Full range adjustment takes place in less than one second
  • Wide range adjustment characteristics
  • Enhances safety, efficiency, control, convenience, performance
  • No need to count clicks
  • Select profiles on-the-fly, permitting adjustments to suit varying terrain as you ride
  • Tangible improvements in ride handling
  • Electronic modal damping control via Bosch
  • SCU (Suspension Control Unit)
  • iQS Mode Features & Control Benefits
  • Four rider-controlled modes
  • Modes selected on-the-fly via handlebar-mounted switch
  • LED backlit buttons indicate active suspension mode
  • Controls are weather-resistant
  • iQS System Includes: Two (2) FOX iQS front ski shocks, One (1) FOX iQS center track shock, One (1) FOX iQS rear track shock, Bosch SCU (suspension control unit), Plug n Play Wire harness, Handlebar switch, Cable guards and mounting hardware

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