Klock Werks iOmount™ for Indian




  • Motorcycle model-specific mounts incorporate the iOmounts™ system; install the mount to bike with included hardware
  • Nomad Universal mount fits any handlebars that are .5" to 2" in diameter; includes Nomad, two iOadapts™ and two iOskins™
  • Attach razor-thin iOadapt™ stainless steel adapter to your device and connect to the powerful iOcore™ magnetic carrier
  • Device is held in place by the strong iOcore™ magnet, and you can adjust the angle of your device
  • iOskin™ provides perfect surface to mount iOadapt™, and protects device from iOadapt™ adhesive
  • Not for use with Samsung Galaxy S4 phones

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