Vance & Hines Header Wrap Kit




  • Black, fiberglass composite wrap tape helps lock in the heat and reduces radiant heat by a realistic 50%
  • Kit includes 25' roll of black wrap tape, two Vance & Hines wrap clamps and six locking stainless steel ties
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Use of this Vance & Hines Header Wrap Kit (PART #1861-0622) may void all warranties of the exhaust system that this Kit is applied to. Header Wrap functions to insulate heat generated by exhaust gases flowing through the headpipe, thereby raising the headpipe temperature beyond its intended operating temperature. Using heat wrap may compromise the integrity of the headpipe material, and may ultimately lead to cracks in the headpipe and will not be covered under warranty. Use of header wrap on an exhaust system is a modification to and not a normal use of an exhaust system. This notice is intended to inform the buyer to consider this possibility before using this product.

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