LA Choppers Handlebar Cable/Brake & Clutch Line/Wire Kits and Components




  • Kits include the correct length braided brake/clutch lines and wire extensions to complete a handlebar swap
  • Includes plug-n-play electrical wiring for easy install
  • Stainless braided kits include clutch lines, brake lines, chrome "T" brake line junction, banjo bolts, fittings and copper crush washers
  • Black vinyl/stainless kits include black vinyl clutch line and brake lines with chrome fittings, banjo bolts and crush washers
  • Midnight series kits include clutch line and brake lines covered in a black smoke-tinted coating with pure black fittings throughout; lines appear graphite or carbon fiber in appearance, providing that ultra-custom look and the black fittings seamlessly blend with blacked-out controls and covers on the bike

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