Feuling M8 CAMSHAFT 472 M-Eight Chain Drive Camshaft




472 CAM - The 472 Reaper is a great all-around camshaft and Feulings go to for 4 1/2 stroke 114 - 117 looking for a little more than our 465 grind and wanting a bolt-in. The 472 has a great bottom end with substantial gains above 2,800 RPM when compared to stock. Responds very well to increased bore and or compression, exhaust system and air cleaner. Use of performance valve-springs is not required but may result in a quieter, smoother running valve-train See Feuling #1107 or #1108.

Intake: .468 Valve Lift, 8 Open, 25 Close, 213 Duration @ 50, .117 lift @ TDC, 98.5 Lobe Centerline
Exhaust: .472 Valve Lift, 50.7 Open, 7.75 Close, 238 Duration @ 50, .110 lift @ TDC, 111.5 Lobe Centerline
Overlap: 16

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