S&S Easy Start® Gear Drive Cam Chest Kit for 2007-'17 HD® Big Twin and '06 Dyna®





The S&S Complete Gear Drive Cam Chest Kit removes any doubt about the condition of the critical parts in the cam chest of your 1999-'17 Harley-Davidson big twin. Replace it all – oil pump, cam support plate, cams, and tappets with premium U.S. made S&S cam chest components. Upgrade to an S&S gear drive performance cam set, and don’t worry about cam chain failure, or anything else in your cam chest. It’s all new and all S&S!

Features and Benefits

  • Upgrade to S&S performance gear drive camshafts
  • Replace stock oil pump, cam support plate, cams, and tappets with all new premium U.S. made S&S components
  • Upgrade 1999-’06 models to 2007-’17 style oil pump (included)
  • Improved engine performance – higher lift and optimized cam timing
  • Better, more consistent oil pressure
  • Peace of mind - No worries about cam chain failure (no chains)





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