Custom Cycles Engineering Dyna Motor Mounts




We've designed a far superior motor mount system for all the Dyna Glides 92 to present that replaces the inadequate stock motor mounts.  We pulled out all the stops to make these mounts the best on the market. 


The Front Motor Mount borrows proven technology from the early rubber mounted FXR's using the ISO rubber mounts. Also included is an adjustable stabilizing link from the motor mount to the frame. Further controlling stability


The Rear Motor Mount utilizes two damper bushings aligned on top of another and clamped in an aluminum housing increasing control of the lateral and torsional movement of the swing arm.


The Top Stabilizer Link is rubber isolated, adjustable and greatly reduces vibration especially at high speeds. The stock link is metal to metal from the top motor mount to the frame. Reduce engine vibration and align the power train with this link.


The Front Engine Equator was created with a simple design that allows the rider to dial in the engine to perfect power train alignment. Eliminating the guess work by using the built in hash marks as a guide and a sliding bolt pattern that gives you the ability to align the motor perfectly within the power train. Currently the bolt pattern is fixed and doesn't allow for any adjustments. 


Manufactured in the USA with the quality you've come to expect from Custom Cycle Engineering.

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