• The ideal tool with automatic selection for 6V/12V battery care at home
  • Then the recovered 6 or 12V batteries are optimally recharged, tested and then safely maintained for months at a time
  • The unique OptiMate long-term maintenance charge method not only keeps the battery at 100% without ever over-charging, it also has been proven to extend battery life by up to 400%
  • Retains all the fully automatic, 100% safe, easy-to-use characteristics of the two million OptiMate chargers produced since 1995, but with maximum charge current of 2.8 Amp (12 Volt) and 4 Amp (6V) to take care of medium to large batteries
  • For batteries forgotten over the winter, OptiMate 5 Voltmatic is the first-ever charger capable of automatically recovering 6V lead-acid batteries from deep discharge (low-voltage 12V batteries need confirmation from the user that it is a 12V battery)
  • First charger with multi-stage desulfation recovery for 6V batteries

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