39mm and 49mm Quarter Fairing Brackets




Similar to our ever popular 49mm quarter fairing bracket kit, these 39mm quarter fairing brackets bolt to the factory HD quarter fairing and allows the use of HD's chrome quick releases.  This kit will allow the replacement of the old hose clamp style docking hardware previously used on the factory install of the quarter fairings on 39mm narrow glide front ends.  With this style of mounting nothing is left behind on the bike when the fairing is removed unlike the factory kit that left the four clamps behind on the fork when removed.  The kit comes with the two powdercoated steel sideplates, that become the link between the quarter fairing and the quick releases, and the hardware needed to bolt the sideplates to the quick releases.  The quick release windshield clamps are not included in the kit but can be purchased from your local delaer they are part # 58174-04A.  Locking versions of these quick releases are also available.


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

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