18+ M8 Fat Bob Baja Designs Dual LP4 Lighting Bracket Combo Kit




Check out our latest Dual Baja Designs headlight available for the M8 Fat Bob! This kit has been designed to fit perfectly in a Memphis Shades 7401 Fat Bob Fairing.

Note Cali Raised Moto has designed its own Memphis Shades Mounting system for this Bracket kit. Its Still the standard fairing but since they don't make hardware mounting for this fairing to fit the Late Model Fat Bob, You will need this kit to make it happen. 

Our harnesses allow for low and high beam as well as an Accessory plug for added turn signals or "Fog lights" 

NEW S2 Kits Can Now Be ordered as well for this kit, We have created a mount that puts two S2 Lights Just below the entire system. This will let you run Dual White Lights if you like and 2 Ambers S2 Below or make your own combo... 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

List of Hardware included:

QTY Hardware Description:
3 1/4x20 x 1/2" socket head Stainless
1/4 AN washers stainless
5/16x18x5/8 long button heads stainless
2 5/16 Lock washers stainless
6mm x 45mm socket head stainless
8 6mm AN washers stainless
8 6mm Spacers x 1.0" Long Black
4 1/4x20x 3/4" long hex bolts Grade 5
4 1/4x20 Nylock Nuts Grade 5
8 1/4x20 AN washers Grade 5

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