Klock Werks 1" Ergo Bar




  • Three styles designed to cover a large spectrum of riders and preferred riding positions all with a more relaxed, comfortable wrist position
  • Accept stock controls, housings, cables and wiring
  • Pre-drilled and slotted for internal wiring; notched for Throttle-By-Wire applications
  • Work with HD OEM heated grips
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Standard ergo bars are close to stock bar height, offer a more relaxed wrist position and have a sportier stance
  • Ergo back bars are a relaxed cruiser model, perfect for the shorter rider or even for a taller rider wanting to kick back and allowing for a relaxed seating position
  • Ergo up bars are designed for the taller torso rider or someone who prefers a taller bar, similar pullback as stock bar, where the hand position is higher and arms almost level rather than reaching down

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